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Having a solid suspension allows your car to handle road conditions properly and ensures that you have a safe ride. Haus of Mercedes provides complete inspections of your struts, shocks, tires, tie rods, and alignment. inspection at no cost to you. Let us exam your automobile and inform you which services to consider.

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The transmission is one of the most critical components of an automobile; it’s what moves your car through the gears to reach a desired speed. Haus of Mercedes knows the importance of these elements to your automobile. We help you take care of your car through prevented maintenance service and help you make sure your car performs properly. Haus of Mercedes is equipped with the tools and equipment needed for all your services from the replacement of transmission fluid and filters to complete transmission overhauls. Haus of Mercedes can also support all your manual transmission, clutch, and gear box needs.

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Engine Repair & Diagnostic

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The advanced engines on today’s automobiles are sophisticated and therefore require special tools and highly trained technicians to perform proper check-ups based on the manufacturer’s specifications and warranty rules. The highly trained Haus of Mercedes technicians are here to assist you when your engine warning light comes on. They will use their equipment and knowledge to do complete check-ups and put your mind at ease. Let us provide you with excellent service and peace of mind when it comes to engine repairs, diagnostics, and services like those performed at 30K, 60K, 90K, and also A, B, C, D, E.


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Under the Hood Services

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The term “Under the Hood” service is used by automotive repair shops to bring the customer’s attention to certain services issues that are added to the technician’s list once he has thoroughly inspected the vehicle. These services normally cover the following area:

  1. Oil services.
  2. Filters.
  3. Belts.
  4. Engine flush.
  5. Power steering flushes.
  6. Hoses and coolant.
  7. Oil leakages.

The list above is some of the items that technicians should always consider when looking at a car. However, sometimes there are other parts (for example, engine mounts) that can go bad and be easily detected with a simple test. Haus of Mercedes technicians have their own checklist to make sure nothing gets missed.

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Electrical System

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Your automobile electrical system components start with the battery, which initiates the cranking power through the starter to start your vehicle. After starting, the alternator provides the needed electrical power supply for your car. When your car has difficulties starting or problems with the charging system (i.e. not holding a full charge on the battery) let us examine your car and get you back on the road. Haus of Mercedes’ expert technicians will do a complete check up to find any issues with your complicated electrical Systems.


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Cooling System

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It is important that your automobile’s engine runs at a certain temperature at all times. When your vehicle is performing at high RPM’s it is important to make sure all your cooling system parts (such as the radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump, and electrical fan) are working to your manufacturer’s specifications. Regular maintenance and checkups make sure that the engine runs cool to provide long lasting life. A cooling system flush is used to open up and clean all the passages in the cooling system. Automotive manufacturers highly recommend cooling system services and Haus of Mercedes technicians can provide you with this service, because they have the right tools and equipment for the job.

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Exhaust System

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The exhaust system has a direct impact on your engine’s performance so it is important to keep it in good working order. Improperly functioning emission components can have a negative impact on your car’s smog inspection performance. The more miles a car has the greater the chance for the exhaust parts to rust and deteriorate. Haus of Mercedes will help you make sure there are no exhaust gas leaks through the pipes and muffler, deteriorated gaskets, or deteriorated exhaust reservoirs in your car. For quality engine performance, it is essential that the right parts be properly installed on your car. When your car is in need of exhaust work, please check with us for a free estimate.

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Fuel System

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Today’s high gas prices make it important to keep your car’s fuel system in good working order. Next time you’re at Haus of Mercedes for your regular maintenance checkup, ask for a fuel injection service to help your car get better gas mileage. We will inspect your car’s fuel system from gas lines to fuel pump and injectors to make sure you are not wasting gas and help your car get the best gas mileage possible. Haus of Mercedes is happy to help you with this important type of service.

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Air Conditioning System

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During summer, everyone wants his or her air-conditioning unit working properly. Haus of Mercedes will provide you with complete checkups for these units. All the components of the AC unit from the compressor, evaporator, condenser, high and low pressure hoses can be examined to make sure you have a pleasant cooling temperature during hot weather. Next time your car in need of an AC service let the professionals at Haus of Mercedes handle the job.

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The brake system is one of the most important safety systems on your car. Haus of Mercedes beats the competition when it comes to brake service and has a great reputation for excellent workmanship and quality customer service. Our brake inspection consists of the following:

  • Inspect the Brake lines.
  • Inspect the master cylinder and booster.
  • Measure the thickness of the rotors and drums
  • Inspection the calipers and wheel cylinders.
  • Check for even wear and no damage to brake pads and shoes.
  • Inspect front and rear break hardware kits
  • Brake flush service

All the above listed items must be carefully examined and compared with manufacture specifications and standards to make sure you have a safe and complete brake system. Haus of Mercedes has the most experienced technicians in the field of automotive brake repair to provide you with a reliable braking system. Come to our convenient store and experience our quality work first hand.

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