Engine Repair & Diagnostic

The advanced engines on today’s automobiles are sophisticated and therefore require special tools and highly trained technicians to perform proper checkups based on the manufacturer’s specifications and warranty rules. The highly trained Haus of Mercedes technicians is here to assist you when your engine warning light comes on. They will use their equipment and knowledge to do complete check-ups and put your mind at ease. Let us provide you with excellent service and peace of mind when it comes to engine repairs, diagnostics, and services like those performed at 30K, 60K, 90K, and also A, B, C, D, E.

Cooling System

It is important that your automobile’s engine runs at a certain temperature at all times. When your vehicle is performing at high RPM’s it is important to make sure all your cooling system parts (such as the radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump, and electrical fan) are working to your manufacturer’s specifications. Regular maintenance and checkups make sure that the engine runs cool to provide long lasting life. A cooling system flush is used to open up and clean all the passages in the cooling system. Automotive manufacturers highly recommend cooling system services and Haus of Mercedes technicians can provide you with this service, because they have the right tools and equipment for the job.